Demo: Using Firefly for poster creation

My teammates Danielle Morimoto & Tomasz Opasinski are accomplished artists who recently offered a deep dive on creating serious, ambitious work (not just one-and-done prompt generations) using Adobe Firefly. Check it out:

Explore the practical benefits of using Firefly in real-world projects with Danielle & Tomasz. Today, they’ll walk through the poster design process in Photoshop using prompts generated in Firefly. Tune into the live stream and join them as they discuss how presenting more substantial visuals to clients goes beyond simple sketches, and how this creative process could evolve in the future. Get ready to unlock new possibilities of personalization in your work, reinvent yourself as an artist or designer, and achieve what was once unimaginable. Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your creative journey and participate in this inspiring session!

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