Creating the creepy infrared world of Dune

I really enjoyed Dolby’s recent podcast on Greig Fraser and the Cinematography of Dune: Part Two, as well as this deep dive with Denis Villeneuve on how they modified an ARRI Alexa LF IMAX camera to create the Harkonnens’ alienating home world.

I love this idea and I tried, for Giedi Prime, the home world of Harkonnen, there’s less information in the book and it’s a world that is disconnected from nature. It’s a plastic world. So, I thought that it could be interesting if the light, the sunlight could give us some insight on their psyche. What if instead of revealing colors, the sunlight was killing them and creating a very eerie black and white world, that will give us information about how these people perceive reality, about their political system, about how that primitive brutalist culture and it was in the screenplay.

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