Katrina: Help a displaced designer

The good folks at The Chopping Block are doing their part to help victims of the hurricane by starting DisplacedDesigner.com:

“… Many of the displaced–-creative people like us–-will have to start from scratch. We wish to help by offering these people a space from which to earn a living, to re-establish self-sufficience… to get back on their feet. With this in mind, we have started this resource–a place where displaced individuals can be matched with those of us with some extra studio/office space, a desk (or table), a computer/phone/internet connection, or a handful of square feet from which they can start to work and continue to earn a living…”

Please do what you can to help & to spread the word.

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  1. I live in Va. Beach, Va. and own a BBQ resturant at the oceanfront, we are currently looking for a partner/owner to run it…….If you know anyone who is in the resturant business that is looking to relocate, please let me know. cathymalbon@hotmail.com

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