Photoshop weblogs, podcasts, and more

Last week, Photoshop engineer Scott Byer mentioned some great resources for Photoshop-related info, including Photoshop News and Rob Galbraith’s site. I subscribe to those sites and wanted to highlight some others:

  • Photoshop author and trainer Jan Kabili frequently highlights techniques, new books, and articles at The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog.
  • Long-time author David Biedny has started the first (to my knowledge) Photoshop-centric podcast. (For those new to subscribing to downloadable audio programs, David points that in iTunes you can choose Advanced->Subscribe to Podcast, then paste the URL “”.) [Update: I’ve learned that Photoshop User magazine is also podcasting, as is Inside Mac Radio. I’ve recorded segments for both this week.]
  • We haven’t yet gotten her blogging, but Julieanne Kost, along with Daniel Brown and Tim Cole, maintains a wealth of info at

The links below aren’t Photoshop-specific, but I enjoy them as well:

  • Digital Photography Review is frequently updated with news of digital cameras, in-depth reviews, and more
  • Macromedia’s indefatigable John Dowdell covers wide-ranging developments related to Flash and Web technologies.
  • Dynamite designer Jon Hicks (known for the Firefox logo, among other things) makes me wish I knew CSS. He also blogs periodically about design and Web technologies. (And if you’re on a Mac, check out his beautiful and useful

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  1. Maybe, can I suggest you our Blog in spanish language ?
    We publish a digital photoshop magazine in spanish since 1998.
    It is called Photoshop Newsletter and We will go out with the nº 45 on next week.
    from Alicante, Spain.

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