Flash wins Emmy, enables "Invention of the Year"

I’m a little late in mentioning it, but I wanted to congratulate the Flash team on winning an Emmy Award for the contribution made by Flash Video!  Even though basic video capabilities first appeared in the Flash Player in 2002, it wasn’t until the past year that its popularity became massive, thanks to Flash-powered sites like YouTube and MySpace.  And speaking of YouTube, Time Magazine has dubbed the site the Best Invention of 2006. [Via]

In other Flash Player news, today the team dropped a bit of a bombshell: Adobe is open-sourcing the code behind the fast new virtual machine inside the player, and it’s contributing the code to the Mozilla foundation.  As Mike Potter writes, "From a developer point of view, this means that you can build applications for Flash Player 9 that will use the same code structure as applications for Mozilla 2. No longer will you need to learn two seperate languages."   Player engineer Tinic Uro discusses the highlights.

By the way, for any Hollywood types out there, note that a Flash Media Server 2.0 event is scheduled for Thursday in West Hollywood.  You can register here.

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