TiltViewer: 3D Flash interface to Flickr

Felix Turner, creator of the all kinds of clean, lovely Flash photo displays (e.g. the Flickr Related Tag Browser, SimpleViewer, and PostcardViewer) returns with TiltViewer, an experimental interface that presents photos from Flickr’s "Interestingness" stream.  Clicking the icon on any image makes it possible to flip it over, see notes, and jump to the corresponding Flickr page (which I did for this groovy shot).  For details of the project, check out Felix’s blog.  For another great way to peruse Flickr, check out PicLens.

0 thoughts on “TiltViewer: 3D Flash interface to Flickr

  1. Nice work but it will be all for naught when Flash Player 10 comes out, I really hope that doesn’t put Papervision3D out of work.

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