Create grids easily in Photoshop, Fireworks

Grid-based Web design has gained currency as a best practice, as articulated by various experts.  For example:

Now Andrew Ingram has stepped up with GridMaker for Photoshop, a script that enables easy creation of a grid comprised of Photoshop guides.  He’s also created a version for Fireworks using a Flash-based panel.  Many thanks for your efforts here, Andrew.

Elsewhere Matthew Pennell has created a Web-hosted approach to grid generation, complete with a nice set of draggable sliders.  It would be cool to see someone combine these approaches, using a Flash UI inside Photoshop to drive the guide-creation script. [Via my old roommate Khoi Uong; doppel-Khoi powers, activate!]

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  1. I don’t do web design, but I am pro-grid. Too bad there’s no easy way to share grids between suite apps (or even between PSD files).
    I still think a grid layer would be a good addition. At least then it could be draggable between docs. Or at least a grid preset that could be shared.
    I like grids for their creative potential, but I suspect the medical and technical people might have even more use for them (or at least more advanced versions of them).
    Two people named Khoi mentioned in the same post. How often does that happen?
    [Once per 876 posts, in my experience to date. 😉 –J.]

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