Human flipbooks, Lego films, & more

Of stop motion & time lapses:

  • 150 t-shirts + 150 iron-ons + one heck of a lot of precision ironing = the Human Flipbook, created for sandwich chain Erbert & Gerbert. [Via Dustin Black, “Chief Simian Liaison” @ Colle+McVoy]
  • Ironic Sans tells the story of Art Binninger, a Star Trek fan who made stop-motion animated Star Trek parody films from 1974 until Paramount put the smack down in 1986. [Via]
  • The boxes be flyin’ in "Platform," a stop-motion film.  (The stack’s got kind of a Q*bert look to it.) [Via]
  • Legos fly together Busby Berkeley-style to create the Millenium Falcon. [Via]
  • CNET hosts a gallery of more Lego stop motion. Bohemian Rhapsody ain’t bad.

2 thoughts on “Human flipbooks, Lego films, & more

  1. Re: Human Flipbook.
    I must be missing something here. Why go through the trouble of ironing anything when the flipbook effect can be achieved in Photoshop without ironing anything?
    [It’s a little like asking why someone would climb Everest: “Because it was there.” Because they could, just to be difficult/clever. –J.]

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