Photosynth panorama maker for iPhone

I haven’t played with a lot of mobile panorama-creation apps, but I find Microsoft’s free Photosynth app for iPhone pretty amazing. It captures still images as you pan around, automatically stitching (and optionally uploading) the results.
<br /><a href=";vid=286219d4-1988-4479-816f-12e36d18b514&#038;src=SLPl:embed:&#038;fg=sharenoembed" target="_new"title="Microsoft Photosynth App – April 2011">Video: Microsoft Photosynth App – April 2011</a>
The example of an aviation museum is especially well chosen: I distinctly remember my deep, painful frustration trying to photograph rockets at the Air & Space Museum as a kid. I’d have found something like this unspeakably wonderful.
Aside: How do companies like Microsoft & Adobe profit by developing advanced technology & then simply giving it away? It’s like First CityWide Change Bank: Volume.

4 thoughts on “Photosynth panorama maker for iPhone

  1. biggest problem is that I don’t want to share via live or facebook. it needs to have better “save/export” features.

  2. Really nice, and of course, you share it on bing, on your iOs or windows phone, but definitely not on google maps or android :/

  3. @j: Hi. You don’t have to post your panos to Facebook, it’s your choice. A flattened pano version is automatically saved to your camera roll.

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