Photosmith, the Lightroom iPad companion, is now available

I’m very pleased to see that after much anticipation, Photosmith for iPad has been released. I haven’t yet had a chance to try it, but initial reactions seem enthusiastic. Rob Galbraith writes,

We’ve had the pleasure of using Photosmith during its beta period and it has already joined our list of must-have photography apps for Apple’s tablet. If you use Lightroom and own an iPad, we strongly recommend checking out Photosmith.

Tangent: I’ll kick the tires once I find my tablet’s Camera Connection Kit, which is… somewhere.  Apple must surely recognize the frailty of such a solution, and I’m waiting for them to do to it what the iPad 2’s Smart Cover did to the original’s recycled-mousepad of a cover: enable incredibly easy pairing & transfer between devices (e.g. cameras, phones, and tablets).  Hints about AirDrop in Lion make me hopeful.

2 thoughts on “Photosmith, the Lightroom iPad companion, is now available

  1. It has promise, but it really is not ready for prime time. Yes it can sync photos to LR, but it lacks many things, big and small, that would help anyone’s workflow. Batch processing, if for nothing other than metadata entry, to name one glaring omission. Yes, you can do that once the photos are in LR, but I was of the opinion that this app was to do more than sync. To make this a real five star “plug-in” it’s going to need much more tender loving care. Let’s hope the developers are up to it.

  2. @dxartstech: “@EyeFiCard Direct Mode to iOS has a huge potential for artistic iteration in the field!
    Tested this Eye-Fi X2 Pro SD card with a Sony Alpha 55 SLT, and it does work! One step closer to the coming explosion of Smart Phones (real cameras running iOS or Android)!

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