8 thoughts on “Video: Experience Human Flight

    1. They have just released part 2 called “Experience Zero Gravity” and its awesome! I personally think its better than the first one. Check it out… http://vimeo.com/29017795 Music is by Alex Khaskin, you can get the track here audiosparx.com/​sa/​summary/​play.cfm/​crumb.32/​crumc.0/​sound_iid.491555

  1. I once tried sky diving, back in the days when they tossed first timers out the door on a static line.
    All went well until I left the airplane. With the first sense of the drop, I involuntarily screamed, “I’m falling.”
    No shit Sherlock. You just jumped out of an airplane. 🙂

  2. They make it look so beautiful and serene. Too bad there are so many quadriplegics around now from this sport (or dead)

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