Final Cut, Avid users: Switch to Adobe & save 50%

Get half off Creative Suite CS5.5 Production Premium or Premiere Pro CS5.5 when you move from Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer. As the press release notes,

Professional video editors can also utilize all the system resources on modern Macs with Thunderbolt, 64-bit, and multicore CPUs for increased performance. Adobe is continuing to lead in truly native editing solutions with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 as it saves users time and eliminates the need to transcode or rewrap file based and DSLR footage…
Premiere Pro CS5.5 includes Final Cut Pro project import and export so projects can be shared between both applications without conversion or re-rendering. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 also includes many Final Cut Pro and Avid keyboard shortcuts to help users get up and running fast.

Game on.


12 thoughts on “Final Cut, Avid users: Switch to Adobe & save 50%

  1. Fuad Kamal — 11:08 AM on July 01, 2011 Reply
    they ought to extend the offer to CS5.5 Master Collection, as well…kind us leaves some of us feeling left out in the dark.
    my thoughts as well.

  2. So, you can buy Premiere Pro for $800, or you can buy Final Cut Pro X _and_ Premiere Pro for $800…

  3. I would upgrade my four copies of the CS5 Master Collections if I could apply this code…
    Any help is appreciated!

  4. I think it’s a smart move on Adobe’s part. The new FCP could have been a major wrench in the works, but instead Apple made a decision to go consumer and opened a huge gap in the industry which is either going to be filled by Adobe or Avid.

  5. I do think Master Collection should have been included in this. I like the new FCP X a lot, but I also design with InDesign. I’m not going to look at Premiere Pro unless I can get a pack with them both.
    Oh, and the prices here in Australia (and elsewhere internationally) are absurd. Yes, I understand GST of 10% is included in the price, and you don’t want to offend your retail partners etc., but the price difference is extreme. Master Collection: US$2599, AU$3949 without GST, currently worth US$4243. That’s an extra iMac free with CS5.5.
    Once you drive Australian customers to buying online from US stores, it’s a small step, even an accidental one, to finding one of the many stores selling fakes for peanuts.
    (EDIT: And it seems Premiere isn’t on sale in Australia in any case.)

  6. John,
    I realize this is a marketing scheme to attract current FCP users, but it seems it really hurts your current/loyal customers. I have Production Premium 5.0 and bought a few months before 5.5 came out. It sucks I have to pay the full upgrade rate. Guess that is why most people just upgrade every other version

  7. I know this is an old post by now, but I want to echo the other folks on this thread that the offer should include more than it does.
    I have the web bundle and was considering a crossgrade/upgrade to the production bundle, and the upgrade is not covered by this offer.

  8. IMHO Apple didn’t go consumer, they further optimized the workflow. For (mentally) old dogs there won’t be much excitement about such new tricks. For other old school FCP users (those less mentally set in their ways) they understand that FCP7 is still available to them for all current, past and future projects. Meanwhile they are open to exploring the potential benefits of using FCX in the future, and if they find any, when the time is right, they’ll implement FCX into their pipeline.
    Note that I didn’t say anything about Premiere sucking! or Avid or Smoke, or whatever. They’re all professionally adequate so far as I’m aware. I’m just adding my take on the “FCX is iMove Plus”. If I were any of the involved competitors I’d sincerely consider targeting the “Version X of Foo hath betrayed us!” bandwagon too!
    Lastly, the ability to enable nearly (if not) everyone to easily produce complex output is the end game in most of this, so it’s not necessarily the case that just because something makes more sense to more people means it’s not professional. Professionals will be lucky if intelligent computing systems are never able to do ALL of it without human assistance.

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