Gone fishin'

I’ll be taking the week of July 4th off work for some R&R with our family. I’ll try to queue up some interesting content before I go, but please note that I won’t be able to reply to comments (or to free any that get stuck in the moderation queue) until July 11th. Have a fire-crackin’, chip-dip-snackin’, bratwurst-packin’, artery-shellackin’ Fourth!

4 thoughts on “Gone fishin'

  1. Have a good trip!
    I’ve been trying to see how to submit tips to your blog, but can’t find a way. I figured since I’d heard about so many cool iPhone/iPad projects through here that I’d share our own:
    http://www.ObjectiveScenes.com is a collaborative photoblog exclusively dedicated to posting mobile phone photography and how tos. Hope you can check it out.

  2. Have a good ‘un. Yours is one of the best design blogs going and I keep seeing people from PsT (scott valentine etc) here.

  3. Have a nice vacation and I hope all travels are safe. Since I am typing this after the 4th, I can confirm that my arteries are as shellacked as your salutation suggests.

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