The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

Interesting concept:

The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera captures a full spherical panorama when thrown into the air. At the peak of its flight, which is determined using an accelerometer, a full panoramic image is captured by 36 mobile phone camera modules.

[Via Jeff Tranberry]

8 thoughts on “The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

  1. Their web site doesn’t mention what happens if:
    1. The ball is spinning at a high rate
    2. You don’t catch the ball

  2. I would get only one photo from this ball, for the same reason that I failed my junior high school basketball class. 🙂

  3. It’s very important to recognize that this is the first of it’s kind. I love to see things in their infancy. This type of camera will be awesome in 5 years.

  4. Very interesting. Reminds me a bit of the demo you did with the “bug” eye lens for shifting focus and getting 3d. With software becoming more developed, we will see more and more of the capability of stitching together images to create amazing products. A hybrid of this ball and the bug eye lens comes to mind. Perhaps other applications like multiple lenses on borescopes and being able to create 3D virtual images inside of the body or other confined spaces.

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