Adobe demos amazing deblurring tech (new video)

Last week over a million people (!) watched a handheld recording of this demo. Here’s a far clearer version*:

And here’s a before/after image (click for higher resolution):

Now, here’s the thing: This is just a technology demo, not a pre-announced feature. It’s very exciting, but much hard work remains to be done. Check out details right from the researchers via the team blog. [Update: Yes, it’s real. See the researchers’ update at the bottom of the post.]
* Downside of this version: Bachman Turner Overdrive. Upside: Rainn Wilson.

17 thoughts on “Adobe demos amazing deblurring tech (new video)

  1. Wah! Me wants it now–gimme, gimme!
    Just about the time my imagination-free mind wonders what you guys could possibly add to Photoshop next, along comes a genius with this blockbuster! Thanks for sharing the sneak.

  2. The ‘meta’ of the blurry video of the sneak was probably not lost on anyone who saw it. Thanks for posting this.
    Looks very nice, but you’ll forgive me if I think of this as a future Lightroom feature, not a Photoshop one. 😉
    I mean, PS users will be able to use this for sure, but it’s natural home is with dealing with the whole photo and not pixel-pushing portions of one.

    1. If this feature can be easy to use, I could see it being used not just in Photoshop or Lightroom, but I think people would pay for it in more consumer products. Whether this means Photoshop Touch or just a $10 app that all it does is deblur photos, I can see it being very popular with every day people who want to fix their blurly photos.

  3. umm, a before and after image would make sense if it was the same image!!!
    [Click through to the full-res version, and don’t be put off by my cropping. –J.]
    Nevertheless clever stuff.. probably 😉

  4. Wow!
    You guys make this stuff much more powerful and I’ll be able to stay home and let my camera and laptop go take the pictures for me.

  5. Presto! Every “Enhance” joke has suddenly been mooted. I can see this technology going in-camera in every P&S under the sun. Nice work. In fact, is Enhance™ taken?

  6. Any sufficiently advanced technology would be completely indistinguishable from a rigged demo.
    [Nice. 🙂 –J.]
    Not saying this is rigged… But that it does indeed look like magic!
    And Hey! Rainn Wilson!

  7. Actually, DPReview has a news item slamming the presentation because the last image of Kevin Lynch was sharp originally. Adobe has owned up to that fact. What I find interesting is that the motion blur algorithm works in reverse. That would be a valuable tool since Photoshops motion blur is mechanical and unconvincing.
    So some marketing person who helped out with the presentation should take some heat for:
    a) underestimating the geekiness and free time of the audience at large to find the original image and call “shenanigans”.
    And b) not finding a way to make the synthetic blur use into a teaser for yet another drool-worthy aspect of the technology.

    1. Umfortunately, those cameras aren’t going to do much for motion blur, I don’t think. It isn’t caused by a problem with lens focus.

  8. I feel like this is a path to making EVEN MORE wanna-bees into competition for real photographers. Eventually you won’t have to have any skill at all. might as well just swing my camera around my neck randomly taking pictures with my finger up my nose.

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