Painting a McLaren with lasers

They kinda had me at “Marshmallow Laser Feast,” but boy this is beautiful:

Working with McLaren we were able to process their wind tunnel airflow data and score out paths for individual trails of light. Each frame was then sliced into 650 frames that represent depths of 3D space and a plasma screen, mounted on a motion control rig, was used as a 3D light printer to play back the 650 slices as it moved through the space. We then repeated the move a thousand times for each frame of the animation and with each frame the camera, mounted on another motion control rig, moved a few millimeters so that over the course of the shoot we were able to create the effect of a moving camera.

[Via Adam Pratt & Gizmodo]

3 thoughts on “Painting a McLaren with lasers

    1. Because the idea is actually cooler than the result (even though that is cool). The actual promotion here isn’t just a bit of eyecandy it’s the science and technology behind that effect.

  1. When will Adobe release the Retina Update for CS6? They’ve pushed it back to CS7 haven’t they? It shouldn’t take 4 months to re-render the original vector UI pieces into 2X res.
    [No, and they aren’t vector. –J.]

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