ColoRotate offers 3D color exploration, Photoshop integation

Offering sort of “Kuler on steroids,” the new ColorRotate iPad app enables interesting ways to create & share color palettes. It offers “powerful tools for extracting from images, adjusting with blends, making precise edits, or generating fresh ideas with randomized palettes.” writes,

Perhaps best of all, ColoRotate can work seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop CS5 or CS6. The app synchronizes in real-time with Photoshop so when you make changes to the Photoshop foreground and background colors, those changes are simultaneously reflected in the app. The app can also load the image from the current Photoshop window and add the current palette to Photoshop’s Swatches panel.

5 thoughts on “ColoRotate offers 3D color exploration, Photoshop integation

  1. It may sound nice, but people should be aware of the color capablities (or better: the lack of them) of the iPad. The screen of iPad 1 and 2 has a gamut that is much smaller than sRGB, the new iPad (or iPad 3) covers sRGB, but it is still much smaller than Adobe RGB.
    Also color calibration of the iPad is an issue. There are some tools, but they are closed, meaning: the calibration only works within that app, not outside that app.
    So: don’t trust an iPad if you want reliable colors!

  2. Find these iOS colour palette apps utterly comical. Anyone who has done the slightest bit of testing on iOS devices will know how wildly their colour differs not just from most screens but also from device to device.
    The idea of someone sitting there setting up their colours on an iPad then getting to work on a real computer is even more hilarious when the results wont even match.

  3. I think ColoRotate sounds pretty promising. If you keep the limitations of the iPad in mind, it should allow for work and editing to be done when you’re traveling and don’t have a computer handy.
    Just wanted to point out that the headline says “Photoshop integation” and it gave me a little chuckle.

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