SNL Film Unit editor switches to Premiere Pro

 Digital Shorts, fake commercials, and more are now going through Adobe Premiere Pro:

The turning point, says Epstein, came when Apple released Final Cut Pro X. “We thought, ‘Well, this just isn’t going to work at all.’ So much of what I do is After Effects-specific, so when CS5.5 came along with Dynamic Linking—definitely the killer feature for me thus far—we decided to try that out on a simple piece featuring Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrelltoward the end of last season. It went so smoothly that once CS6 came out, we decided to dial the full workflow in and make sure it fit our needs. So far, it really has.”

I’ve loved SNL’s ad parodies since I was little, so it’s fun to get an in-depth look at the crazy-quick way they all come together.

[Update: I should clarify that the article refers to editor Adam Epstein, not to all of Saturday Night Live. Sorry for any inadvertent confusion.]

5 thoughts on “SNL Film Unit editor switches to Premiere Pro

  1. Cool, I really hope this will be a trend. I think photoshop and after effects are the two top Adobe’s product, and I would love to see Premiere becoming the third.
    However, I know a Movie professional who is still frustrated with Adobe premiere, as some of his key workflows take many more steps in Premiere than Final Cut Pro. But, I am sure Adobe will fix those.
    I think Apple is very good at consumer type of products, and Adobe at pro tools. Different DNA. I think Apple Final Cut Pro was an exception, and Apple showed its true DNA (bad at pro tools) with FInal Cut X.
    For the same reason (core DNA), I think Adobe will have a hard time to get into the consumer market. I have no doubt that Adobe is trying very hard, but I do not see it happening (at least, not in a big way). It is a very different approach to software, and Adobe does not have the right DNA for it.
    Now, the good news for Adobe, is that there are some amateurs, as myself, that love to use pro tools, and for this, Premiere, After Effects, Photothop, Lightroom, are the best if not only choices.
    So perhaps, rather for Adobe to do consumer software, it could market its pro tools to consumers, and mobile could be the on ramp. For example, rather than doing a whole new set of software/cloud services for consumer, perhaps doing on-ramp mobile/tablets apps to photoshop, premiere, after effects, and lightroom would have yield to a better future.
    Just random thoughts though.

  2. it gets to basic maths, capitalism thing – companies exist to maximise profits for their shareholders – if adobe make significant inroads into video production, it opens up new avenues for them, its well obvious they are keen on this given the lengths they went to in PPro 6.
    Apple have an ill defined profit motive for the provision of professional software tools. Not to mention the profit from it overall: it’s a rounding error. There may be a strategic thing in it for them, in hardware, media format ecosystem terms, but still and all – FCPX screams mixed, 2005 caudal vertebrae, confusion.
    If you have to trust someone, maybe trust the group that owes its existence to the provision of pro software across print, media and the web.
    Adobe is a company of a certain size – it’s not a world straddling mobile hardware behemoth bigger than exxon – why – why? – would anyone expect said company, on behalf of its shareholders, to carefully iterate, in minutiae, the relative microcosm that is industry critical editing software?
    Also, given the non-consumer feedback channel loops required for this kind of software to successfully iterate- channel loops that adobe at this stage exemplify, and that apple utterly reject … irregardless of scale – who actually has a better shot of getting this stuff right?
    that, as the man says, is not really a question.

  3. This is an editing app that works with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. CTRL+Console turns iPad or iPhone into an editing console. Kickstarter launch this Wednesday 10/17/12.

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