Richard Koci Hernandez on photography

“The simplest way to describe Richard [Koci Hernandez],” says my friend Michael Ninness, “is that he is the ultimate evangelist for new storytelling tools.” Richard spent many years working as a photojournalist for the SJ Mercury News before becoming a professor at Berkeley.
Now he’s put together a full-throated defense ostensibly of using Instagram, but really more about democratized image-making, the value of filtering/manipulation, and more. I think you’ll find it interesting:

2 thoughts on “Richard Koci Hernandez on photography

  1. I watched this video when it was featured on CNN this weekend and thought it was was one of the most thoughtful, affecting essays on photography and especially mobile photography that I have ever heard. How he spoke of the “new” photography being the same as advances in the past that “real” photographers scoffed at is an eye opener. But mainly he inspired me to shoot even more and not feel like an iPhone shot is not a true photograph. This is a must watch for anyone trying to capture their life and world around them and who are passionate about photography instead of passionate about equipment and software. Thanks for sharing it here again John.

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