Drone octo-copter + goggles = Aerial photography radness

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?…” Um, this? Core77 writes,

Danish shooter Ebsen Nielsen has made the latest advancement: After cobbling together an octo-copter from several different manufacturers’ kits, he rigged up a way to send a live feed from the camera to a pair of goggles he wears, enabling him to fly it from a first-person POV.

In a related vein, how about a climb up Pakistan’s 20,000ft Trango Towers? Stick around (or skip) to about 1:30. #HNL


3 thoughts on “Drone octo-copter + goggles = Aerial photography radness

  1. yeah, pratically all serious rc/aerial vid guys use video downlinks… but they’re usually two – one to fly and stay mindful of the surroundings (the problem with FPV is you can’t look up and see those power lines you’re about to fly into), and one with the vid downlink to control the (stabilized) camera.
    check out the copter kids, they’ve got this down to perfection, and throw in high-speed video for extra kicks:

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