Congrats to John Knoll

Dang… how strong must your résumé be that “Photoshop co-creator” doesn’t even get mentioned? Congratulations to John Knoll on his promotion to Chief Creative Officer of Industrial Light & Magic:

Knoll’s credits as vfx supervisor include the first three “Pirates of the Caribbean” pictures, the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy, two “Mission: Impossible” pics, two “Star Trek” films and the upcoming “Pacific Rim.” He won a vfx Oscar for the second “Pirates” pic and was co-leader of ILM’s production team on the Oscar-winning animated feature “Rango.” […]

“Folks tend to get very busy on their own shows,” said Knoll, “and don’t have time to periodically share with everybody else what they’re working on. ‘Have you thought about that?’ We have this wealth of talent that if we’re smart we leverage on all projects.”

My friend Philip worked at ILM and said, “It’s really intimidating to use Photoshop in front of a guy who wrote Photoshop.” On the upside, he reported, if a lens flare doesn’t look good, John will just go and write you a new one.

Here’s John re-creating his original demo of Photoshop 1.0.

2 thoughts on “Congrats to John Knoll

  1. Thank you, Mr. Knoll. I am very grateful for your Photoshop – which is as essential to me as my DSLRs and lenses. Thank you, too, for lots of fun movies.

  2. Ditto to the previous posting! Can’t imagine photography without PhotoShop. Well, actually I can, but it’s not nearly as fun!

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