Classical illustrations gone wild

Christian Borstlap & “Part Of A Bigger Plan” created this piece for the new Rijksmuseum project Rijksstudio. According to Looks Like Good Design, “The film includes 211 artworks from the museum’s online collection.
Isn’t it weird that shape morphing now feels about as dated as the illustration styles shown here?

3 thoughts on “Classical illustrations gone wild

  1. The problem is that automatic morphing hasn’t progressed in the last 5-8 years… Adobe also only licensed Kronos instead of creating their own approach…

  2. I just find it strange that, with all of the wonderful works in the Rijksmuseum’s Collection, they decided to make a promotional video in this very primitive way.
    Would that video encourage me to visit the Museum if I did not already know about it?
    Afraid not!

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