Video: Every Photoshop filter packed into one animated tribute

Clinton-Dole… Toad the Wet Sprocket… “the Jennifer”… Oh, excuse me: During the seizure that this clip induced, I fell down a memory hole into the mid-’90s when I swiped the “Gallery Effects” set of filters from an Adobe CD. They were later bundled into Photoshop, and thus appear here:

“Photoshop CS5 Filters Animation” is a small tribute to Photoshop filters. We used the Ps logo and systematically applied the filters in the same way, seeking the essence of the software, exploring the aesthetic values of its resources but letting the spectator judge them. […]
[The video shows] every filter one after each other, with a custom sound design that uses the same sound for each filter but with a different distortion effect for every case, exporting the graphical concept to the sound.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Every Photoshop filter packed into one animated tribute

  1. So now we have it – the most useful thing the filters do is make muzak …
    Truly John, the best tribute to the Filter menu would be for Adobe to actually update them (at last, and at least those in the Gallery). Most of them are still as they were on the CD you swiped …

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