Demo: Using Lightroom on location

Good info from Julieanne Kost:

Julieanne demonstrates how to create a “template” catalog on the computer that she uses on-location. Then, she shows how to retain all of the edits made to images while in the field (including collections, virtual copies, ratings, saved output projects, etc.) by merging the on-location catalog with her master catalog upon return.

[Adobe TV]

3 thoughts on “Demo: Using Lightroom on location

  1. it’s not cool how these videos just start playing when a mac comes out of sleep state .. have to find the tab, which is not always easy to do
    give the control to me, please.
    [I know, and I’m sorry. I’ve brought it to the Adobe TV team’s attention. –J.]

  2. @gregorylent – have no such issue when on my windows PC. And this bit – “have to find the tab, which is not always easy to do.” – what ? I though the Mac was more user friendly ? ( smirk )

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