“The Beauty of Bézier Curves”

Okay, I still don’t understand the math here—but I feel closer now! Freya Holmér has done a beautiful job of visualizing the core workings of what’s a core ingredient in myriad creative applications:

3 thoughts on ““The Beauty of Bézier Curves”

  1. As much as i love me some Bezier, i do wish the Ps team would add B-Spline curves to the toolset. These are so much easier for entry-level users to understand, but also powerful enough for professional’s to use as well…

    Speaking of Curves, i have several feature requests for adding more Curves throughout the Ps GUI. I feel the teams have avoided adding any additional Curves over the years because they believe that would scare off too many users, but the reality is that the absence of Curves throughout Ps is what’s creating the fear in the first place. Exposure therapy!

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