Demo: Photoshop Power Shortcuts

I can all but guarantee you’ll learn a lot & enjoy this presentation from the guy who brought me into Adobe, Michael Ninness.

This energetic, fun, and fast-paced session will leave you smacking your forehead and saying “I wish I’d known that years ago!” This session will reveal as many tips and techniques to boost your productivity as can be packed into 60 minutes. In this session, Michael Ninness, Senior VP of Product and Content,, will cover:+ The top 20 power shortcuts every Photoshop user MUST know.+ Easy techniques for correcting color and tone and recovering image detail.+ Automating certain tasks β€” without recording Actions!+ Optimization tips for smaller and more efficient web graphics.

8 thoughts on “Demo: Photoshop Power Shortcuts

  1. It’s always refreshing to have Adobe provide us with tips about products we actually own.
    [You are most welcome. –J.]

  2. Hello !
    I enjoyed this video.
    I know most of these shortcuts, but…
    I completely forgot about using blur as of control for feather ! And this was one of first thing I learned in PS( masking with blur and gradients). I struggled so much with feather adjustment(to try first and next to see). Thanks for that !
    I did not know about tricks with layers selections(control key plus moving tool). Great coincidence but I just finished a poster with four square images on top of background and I used these shortcuts.
    I have one complain.
    Speed of speech πŸ™‚
    1.If I was there I would not remembered too much.
    He spoke too fast and even faster at the end.
    2.There is worldwide audience and for many people(me included) English is second language.
    I understand, that I can stop, rewind, repeat this movie but to do it every 5 seconds is simply annoying and discouraging.
    I completely do not get last part of this movie about automation because it was too quickly done.
    Do it less but slowly.If Your time is limited do not wasted it on jokes( they do not help us with mind concentration)
    This remark is not only about this movie.
    Others do the same( Kelby TV for example).
    These great teachers have to forget about time limit and start to speak clearly(without chewing gum expression) if they want to be heard worldwide.

  3. I forgot to mention one thing.
    Unless I do not understand something but this shortcut:Control+R to open image from Bridge at RAW Editor does not make sense.
    First – I have to select image with mouse.
    Second – when I select it I click one more time and an image is open in RAW( I can set “double click” in Bridge preferences)
    Third – what is the point in this situation to use other hand’s two fingers ? πŸ™‚

  4. Hello Marek β€” I completely acknowledge that the speed my session at Adobe MAX was very fast. However, that was by design. I even included a note in the session description to prospective attendees that I would be moving along very quickly.
    While I am happy that Adobe posted videos of the sessions for anyone to view after the fact, one drawback is that the videos themselves are simply recordings of a live event. In other words, presenting to a live audience is very different than recording a training video. At a live event, it is very important to connect with the audience, to use humor to keep the energy flowing, and to keep the after-lunch attendees alert while they are sitting in a dark room. It doesn’t mean the live-presenter should not also focus on solid teaching, but a live event does require the presenter to use different techniques that are not necessary, and in fact to your point, are very distracting when used in recording a training video.
    You indicated that I moved way too quickly through the last “automation” tip I showed. You are correct! I had already run over my allotted time and I was trying to give the attendees one more tip before everyone headed to their next session. If you are still interested in seeing that automation tip, I’ve unlocked a training video I recorded that shows how to do it for you to view. If you do, you’ll see that I am much more pragmatic and move at a more digestible speed. (I also did not drink a Red Bull in the recording booth.) You can find the video on using Variables in Photoshop here:
    Happy Learning,
    Michael Ninness
    [Super cool. Thanks, Michael. –J.]

  5. Hello Michael !
    Thanks for the answer and for video !
    This is big deference. You really speak slower and clearer. I can follow Your path. And this subject is pretty difficult. It took me over an hour to practice with my images side by side with Your video. Definitely I will use it and this is great time saver. People like photos with names, specially photos with kids and pets. I have several books about PS but I did not find anything on this subject in them. I hope this video will be accessible for longer time.
    I understand Your explanation about live “concert” and recording in “studio” πŸ™‚ As I wrote it was not only about You but other teachers too. I guess on this kind of videos is hard to keep balance between live audience and computers viewers.

  6. Michael, that was a very cool video, and I definitely picked up some new things, and was reminded of some of the older things. Something that occurred to me was from your comments about ACR. I am huge fan, and have used it prey much in the way you described for years. I love the new Radial filter in ACR because ACR does amazing vignettes, and I can now chose where to focus them. But the thing that struck me about ACR as a one stop shop was the parallel to Lightroom, which I assume would work much the same way. I have never managed to be convinced by LR, because I feel I can do the same thing with Bridge and Photoshop, but I can see how LR would get you most of the way there with 90% of your pictures.
    Thanks for a great video.

  7. Me again. I was just promoting this video on the Adobe Photoshop forum, and reminded to do so, after passing on a micro tip of my own. Someone complained that the Ruler tool was the only one he used from the Eye Dropper menu, and I suggested removing the ‘I’ shortcut from the other six items in the fly-out. I do the same with Saturate to make Dodge & Burn quicker to switch between.

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